EHAF - Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

"Communities around the globe are challenged to find effective ways to provide dependable water supplies, and to restore the water we use to continue sustaining the natural environment. At EHAF, our water specialists work together worldwide to find innovative solutions to the water shortage issue. We create sustainable and integrated water systems appropriate to our clients geographic conditions. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients and are experts in water, wastewater, water resources, watershed concepts and wet weather. We offer integrated services for total project delivery, covering everything from initial environmental planning studies to detailed design, construction management and operations and maintenance training. We understand our responsibility to the environment and provide services to create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments. EHAF has a great participation in sewerage projects as it has the ability to perform all the design services including sanitary sewerage and industrial waste collection systems, tunnels, Lifting stations, Main pumping stations, pressure mains, sea outfalls, sewage treatment Plants & sludge/affluent reuse, Low cost rural Sanitation, Industrial waste treatment. Surface and road drainage system, flood control and diversion structure tunnels, collection dams & lagoons, reuse and recharging. At EHAF we develop sustainable wastewater treatment systems to meet today's environmental challenges. We take an integrated and sustainable approach, which is essential to the effective management of wastewater and wastewater systems and the protection of our public waterways and drinking supplies. We are leaders in the wastewater industry and our teams of professionals provide the highest quality professional wastewater engineering services, including Water quality modeling, Wastewater collection, Municipal wastewater treatment, Outfall, Wastewater reuse and Residuals management. We collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive master plans, identifying affordable infrastructure improvements that meet the most challenging wastewater problems. Our wastewater experts encompass the full range of treatment systems, including all aspects of water. Our capabilities incorporate such processes as advanced membrane bioreactors; enhanced nutrient systems; and advanced biosolids dewatering and oxidation processes. Our goal is to help develop treatment systems that provide superior-quality reclaimed water for irrigation or commercial reuse, clean power from biosolids and waste and solid waste by-products for beneficial use. Our experts analyze the operations of lift stations, collection pipelines, and treatment facilities, and look for deficiencies that are likely to develop as the population increases and sewer-system components deteriorate. We help clients collect, convey, treat, and find beneficial uses for effluent. Whether a client requires the design of a new plant or interceptor, an upgrade to a lift station or an integrated approach for water reclamation, our professionals have the expertise and experience to handle any global water assignment. We are a consistent and reliable partner for industries as they strive to comply with more stringent regulations."