EHAF - Infrastructure


"EHAF delivers rapid, tailored, and sound engineering and scientific solutions to governmental and civilian government clients. We couple a profound understanding of engineering and scientific principles to our rich consulting heritage to solve product, facility, and systems challenges within the infrastructure projects.. EHAF offers comprehensive consulting services to public and private clients facing the challenges of new and aging infrastructure, sustainability and smart growth.. Our integrated approach to development of project solutions builds value for clients and helps advance the best practices of the industries we serve. EHAF is able to provide this high level of independent engineering services due to our remarkable breadth of engineering and scientific expertise coupled with our rich century long consulting heritage of making our client’s mission our mission: EHAF has hundreds of engineers with expertise in Systems Engineering & Integration who follow proven, efficient, standard processes, while using professional tools and infrastructure and executing under disciplined governance. Just as important, we have developed that expertise working directly with government clients in virtually every department and agency. EHAF provides a proven approach to complex Wastewater engineering projects to deliver demonstrable, sustainable energy solutions. We help our clients reduce energy demand through efficiencies, expand and secure supply, and build energy security into agency culture and operations through a combining of technology and process improvement. We provide engineering energy services in both research and operational energy. EHAF experience providing design and consulting services related to water and wastewater treatment range from preliminary engineering through construction and incorporate a wide range of latest innovative technologies and advanced processes."

Samples of our projects in Infrastructure