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History and Background

Starting Out 1972

EHAF started 1972 as a two-person partnership between two former French educated graduates from Chebap and Beaux arts. The company began with 12 employees with offices in UAE and Cairo. It landed two large contracts, a building project one in UAE and one industrial in Alexandria first year. The company’s strong ties with both government work began in 1974, as the UAE asked EHAF to supervise construction of its new school program and the Egyptian government asked it to supervise its ambitious plan for telecommunications centers and Ismailia port.

A While After 1980s

In the early years, the company mostly focused on Building and infrastructure projects throughout the Middeleast. In 1early 1980’s EHAF designed and constructed through design/Build contract first line of cairo metro along with its state of the art operation control center. While in UAE, EHAF was awarded several governmental ministries buildings. During that time, EHAF formed a strong team of 100 professional on transportation, infrastructure, industrial and governmental buildings.

By the end of 1980s, the company made a move into Africa , gulf, and french markets. The company started several projects in several african countries mainly in infrastructure. It also opened its first branch in Paris to undertake Metro projects as subconsultant to RATP in algeria. During that time EHAF company won contracts in the Gulf Region.

From the 1990 to 2000s

EHAF expanded considerably in the MENA region between 1990s and 2000s, opening 5 regional offices with expansion of more than 400 professionals. During this time EHAF started to work with international organization asuch as the world bank, USAID, JICA, African development bank, and many other conglomerate clients.

In 2003, the company changed its structure from general partnership to a closed shareholding corporation. That change facilitated the company’s growth, as many of its clients were involved in multiple markets across the core sectors of Buildings, infrastructure and transportation.. The services expanded to engineering, project management, construction management, architectural and transportation services.

The 2005 Market Twist

In 2005, the market that showed a booming trend worldwide, made the company professional to expand into 1000 professionals of 9 different nationalities. The number and size of projects expanded in cost to include many multibillion US dollars with unusual sophistication. The market expansion helped EHAF in doubling the size of its management consulting business


Today, the company continues to experience strong growth across its core markets. Black & Veatch currently has a global workforce of more than 1,000 working in over 7 offices worldwide with projects completed in more than 5 countries on two continents. This rich history helped raise EHAF ranking worlwide to reach number 17 for PMCM for design fees for non us firms and number 121 for international design firms as by Engineering the news record of USA.

EHAF Engineers prides itself on our ability to successfully deliver projects at a high degree or professionalism within time and Budget. The experience, skill, and diversityof EHAF’s team of professionals has been the main impetus behind our successes over the past 4 decades and has been the basis of EHAF’s success and growth.

EHAF’s Diversity

After Seeing what was accomplished, I am encouraged that this project team can rally together to the finish line to have a successful opening – I am grateful to the level of cooperation and team spirit that EHAF’s team have demonstrated – Mariot - General Manager – Doha City Center Renaissance, Court Yard and Mariott – Qatar.

We are taking action to ensure a more diverse workforce through a variety of sectors. Our diverse workforce gives organizations a broader range of ideas and insights to draw on in decision making and project development. Read more

EHAF’s workplaces in different countries with diverse nationalities Through diverse workforce in different countries with different nationalinities, EHAF insures that it will understand its clients better. This will lead to improved service. A diverse workplace will have good communication with its clients based on a deep understanding of the needs across all sectors of business...

EHAF’s value and capitalize on employee diversity to have productive and fulfilling workplaces which help attract and retain employees. This leads to savings in recruitment and training costs, as well as maintaining corporate knowledge and expertise.

EHAF’s goal is to drive a diverse culture of inclusion, performance, and innovation that embraces the unique strengths and differences of all individuals to realize their full potential, effectively supporting our clients and serving as a role model for our communities


Quality Managment System

EHAF's is bound by a dedication to quality and excellence, and driven by a single-minded commitment to Client satisfaction.

EHAF's aim of our processes to enhance project outcome for our customers. Whether it's working on challenging technical solutions or working in complex environments, EHAF do its best to implement its quality system to deliver outstanding results. Most of our projects currently are designed using BIM system to ensure having conflict free drawings, right quantity take off, reduction in construction time.

Our Clients

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Our Team

In EHAF, each team member believes in the value of service they are providing. We are passionate about providing international quality services from within the Middle East.

EHAF's exclusive structure has allowed us to be part of major multinational collaborative efforts and joint ventures in some of the region’s largest and most prestigious projects.

EHAF has been able to maintain such high standards of practice by hiring only the best educated and most experienced. Our leadership brings both International Education and broad regional expertise. Hand in hand these are ingredients for a unique type of service and a unique organization.

Our team is dedicated on maintaining the Client’s vision and together we address the complexities, face the challenges and enhance the capabilities to be the only Consultancy providing exceptional consultancy services that maintains our unique nature.