EHAF - Industrial


"Each industrial client is different and each has a pioneered unique product.EHAF possesses a strong experience in partnering with its clients for the pioneering of unique products. Since 1971, EHAF accumulated a strong record in production, distribution, energy, telecommunication, food, marine and industrial facilities. Industrial division at EHAF are trained to help industrial investors resolve conflicting needs for functionality, efficiency, technology, and economy in their factories. EHAF industrial division solves real-world problems by creating people-friendly manufacturing facilities, where technology is seamlessly integrated into great environments and outstanding architecture. With all global issues and broad-based strategy, EHAF remembers to understand industrial places and how people feel about them, and weigh each detail in their design, management, construction and long term use. Through its dedication and remarkable projects EHAF got its reputation for solutions that are not only functionally successful but also visually pleasing This record of projects accustomed EHAF to handling large scale projects that require several fields of expertise. With the help of these expertise, EHAF delivered cost-effective and innovative solutions for industrial development which balance economic, environmental and manufacturing needs."

Samples of our projects in Industrial